We teach you who God REALLY is as your Heavenly Father and your true identity as His child.

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The Loved by God Series, was developed to lay a solid Biblical foundation of our core teachings, as well as offering practical guidance and coaching to help you walk in wholeness and freedom. 

- Anna Harris, Creator/Instructor

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Learn about Gods true character and nature as your loving Heavenly Father. 


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Know your true identity in Christ as a Son or Daughter, a true child of God. 


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How to redefine your life after trauma. Learn to live a life that is free and full of abundance. 


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Student Testimonial


"I have a Heavenly Father who is God, and learning that changed everything. All of a sudden I had an identity in Christ and knowing that made me want to walk differently. Everyday God is transforming me from the inside out, I just want to jump into the ocean of His love. This message showed me that I have purpose on earth and made me want to love stronger - to love the ‘one’ before me." 

-Toni W. 




"I knew that God loved me, and I knew that Jesus loved me, but I didn’t know that He loved me like ‘THAT’. When you experience that love, it just comes wave after wave. The healing of the heart that takes place is incredible, you can become who you truely are and step into your Sonship. I learned that God was always my Father, I thought I was chasing after Him, but all along He was chasing after me."


Luke S.

"Understanding God as "Father" has been Christian-orthodoxy for 2000 years, so it’s not a new concept. Yet, it’s something that a lot of people who call themselves Christians fail to appropriate. I use to view the gospel as a rescue from the wrath of an angry Father, and instead now I see the gospel as Jesus coming to share the revelation of God as a parent which liberates us all to be beloved children."


Marshall P.

"I grew up in a religious and legalistic household and thought that God was always watching to see if I would do the "right" thing, like he was keeping score. I thought that I had to earn his love and right-standing. I didn't know that I was already loved and accepted by Him simply because I was His daughter. I now live from approval instead of for it. This course changed my life, I will never be the same."


Katrina J.


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